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7 Business ideas to make money in a short time

7 business ideas to make money in a short time

Do you want to earn money in a short time by launching your own business? In this article, you will find the best ideas that do not require a large initial investment and you can start implementing them easily for financial gain.

There are some ways in which income generation is immediate and much easier, while others may take longer to develop.

Therefore, we will tell you how to earn money by providing your services and performing a series of jobs in which technology will be your main ally, and will allow you to work from your home using your favorite electronic device.


You can take advantage of the perks offered by Amazon or eBay to market products, or choose an Etsy e-commerce site if you want to sell handmade products.

There are also many platforms that allow you to sell used products that you no longer want.

When selling products online, you have to check that they are in good condition, especially if they are used, in order to get good reviews and ratings on your portals, as well as ensure satisfactory shipping conditions for products and maintain constant contact with your customers, dispelling their doubts.

Writing or translating

If you have skills and experience in online article writing, improved writing or translating into multiple languages, you can combine these skills with your specific knowledge of a specific topic and then advertise your services as a freelancer.

This type of profession is mainly related to remote work, and it is one of the ways companies are increasingly in demand that allows you to work freely and implement self-management.

The magazine emphasized that once you have clients and a portfolio that shows the world your skills, your style and the way you work, you can set your prices and start making money, and if you stick to deadlines and provide good and valuable services, you will have a long-term client portfolio and you will be able to get a regular income every month thanks to Your new independent career.

Online lessons

If you specialize in any specific topic and consider yourself an effective contact, your knowledge and skills can be a powerful way to earn income thanks to the innovation and educational decentralization provided by technological tools.

In this context, digital platforms that enable you to create your own massive open online course or deliver online lessons will allow you to become a good teacher.

To do this, you have to upload the different subject matter modules for your online course, schedule dates and keep in touch with your students, and prepare your teaching materials which usually contain an interactive and multimedia element in different formats, from texts to social networks, forums and even instant messaging applications.

Marketing through your blog

If you have a blog or website and you want to choose affiliate marketing to earn income, placing advertisement online allows you to earn commission by promoting products created by other companies or other bloggers, and every time a buyer sends to a seller you will receive a bonus in A pre-agreed form of cash income with the other party, which may be a fixed percentage on the product.

Image banks

If you love photography in your spare time and others usually praise the quality of your photos, you can earn extra money by selling your photos to photo banks such as Fotolia, Adobe Stock, Getty Images, and Dreamstime.

It should be noted that these platforms act as an intermediary, so you must create an account and upload your photos, which sometimes undergo a pre-screening for quality.

After that, wait for users to choose to buy it, and the platform also charges a percentage for its services which varies depending on the service you choose.

Ads on your car

Putting advertising stickers on your car is another good idea to earn money comfortably and quickly. To do so, you must contact a company that specializes in advertising by filling out an online form available on their site and covering your vehicle and personal information.

This is in addition to answering various questions such as the usual route you take daily or the condition of the car you own, and if your car is less than five years old, you should take into account that the more modern it is, the more chances you will have to do this work.

The magazine stated that the company can contact you when there is a new advertising campaign so that you use your car, and the company is sure to contact you if you meet a list of conditions such as location or type and color of the car.

The company also determines how long you will place the advertisement on your car, which may be days, weeks, months or even a year.

Moreover, records are set related to the income that can be obtained thanks to advertising using private cars, which ranges between 120 and 300 euros per month, if the advertisement is placed in a regular car or another, and profits can reach up to a thousand euros per month if it is The campaign period is long.

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