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How to Apply to the Visa Canada Lottery

How to Apply to the Visa Canada Lottery

To register the Visa Canada 2022/2023 lottery application just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Visa Canada lottery channel at
  2. Choose your assessment form
  3. Your contact information
  4. Provide your personal profile
  5. Your personal wealth make sure you don’t overestimate or underestimate it.
  6. Your language skills
  7. Canada Job Offer
  8. Your work history, if applicable
  9. Family and Friends in Canada
  10. Then click Submit Form

WARNING! Do not pay cash or any offer to an individual or group that asks you to pay cash to enter the Visa Canada lottery winners. Remember, they are frauds and it is illegal for you to condone them.


Some web pages advertising Canada Visa 2022 lottery application attract international visitors to our website –

Please note that is in no way affiliated with these websites which is fraudulent as the Government of Canada does not issue visas through a lottery and the guaranteed application form is not available. is operated by Canadian immigration law firm Campbell Cohen which is a private firm with 35 years of experience in assisting immigrants to Canada.

To find out if you qualify for one of Canada’s more than 60 immigration programs we invite you to fill out our free online checklist .

How to Apply for Canada Visa Online – Complete Steps

  1. Are you eligible to apply? Find.

Before filling out the required documents you should first find out if you can apply for a visa online. Click on this link and answer all questions correctly.

You will be asked questions about citizenship years family business and a number of other things.

However once you have answered all the questions and are declared eligible to apply for a Canadian visa online you will receive a “personal reference code” message which you will need to create an account and visa.

Write these rules carefully and follow the clearly defined instructions.

  1.  Complete the online form 

On the same page that explains the steps to apply visa online, more forms need to be filled out such as:

  1. IMM5257 Temporary Visitor Visa Form downloadable here
  2. The IMM5707 Family Data Sheet can be downloaded here .
  3. A review of the forms that can be downloaded and submitted when applying for a visa can be downloaded here .
  4. A “VFS Agreement” that enables VFS to process your visa can be downloaded here .
  1. Complete the required documentation

In addition to filling the form, you also need to fill several photographs or scanned documents such as

  1. Passport (especially on identity page)
  2. Travel history (visa and/or stamp application) for the last 10 years
  3. Take a photo or scan the results of the issuance of a residence permit for study or work abroad (if applicable) .
  4. U.S. copy or scan of valid visa (if applicable) .
  5. Financial proof of ability to pay for personal travel such as bank account expenses for the past 4 months job or employment certificate of assets or other supporting documents which can be found here .
  6. Color image 35 mm x 45 mm or 420 540 pixels in JPEG format and size 240 KB
  7. Proof of travel such as airline ticket itinerary or hotel reservation proof.

  1. Register / Login and submit online application

You have to register to get the “key” and then create an account to apply pay visa fees and also check the status of the visa application.

You can create an account using “Sign-In Partner” or “GCKey”. For Nigerian citizens select “GCKey”.

But once you have your username and password, log in to your account and select “Visitor Visa Study and/or Work Permit” to proceed to the next step.

Enter the previously obtained “Personal Reference Code” and download the supporting documents and documents that you have prepared earlier.

  1.  Make a payment 

Once the system has checked all your documents and received you will be redirected to a visa payment page of $100.00 CAD. If the payment is successful you will receive a certificate of payment

  1.  Visit VFS Global 

Thereafter bring a passport proof of payment and a photograph in 3.5 4.5 cm format to VFS Global Nigeria:

Once completed within 2 business days, you will receive an email with a specific code to check the status of your online request.

  1.  Submit a paper visa 

When applying for a paper-based 2022 Canada visa lottery, the method is essentially the same. You should proceed to complete the online forms preparing the supporting documents as indicated above.

Also pay online and visit the VFS Global Visa Application Centre. The difference is:

If you are applying for a visa online you do not need to print the form individually. If you are sending in paper then all documents should be printed with a laser printer on white unglazed paper.

Additionally if you do not process your visa application yourself you must also complete Form IMM5467E which authorizes others to facilitate your 2022 Canada Visa Lottery.

Additional payments for Canadian visa fees in the form of commercial banking are no longer accepted. Accepted fees are for online payments only. Full details can be found here .

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