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How to Price Your Stuff for a Garage Sale

Putting a price on the items you want to sell at a garage sale can sometimes be complicated, especially when you can’t remember how much you bought the items in question when they were new. Remember that yard sale customers are looking for a bargain first and foremost, so don’t overprice if you hope to make a good sale.

How to Price Your Stuff for a Garage Sale

Pricing books, DVDs, CDs and games

Sell the DVDs for €5. It’s a good idea to have a laptop on hand so customers can verify that the DVD works before paying. Sell the DVDs in their original box.

Sell the CDs for €3. Remember that CDs sell much less these days and are no longer essential. If your goal is to get rid of your CDs quickly, you can offer bundles of discs by the same artist .

  • If you sell cassettes, don’t expect to see them go for more than €1.
  • Sell the vinyl records for 2€ or 3€, unless they are wanted records in very good condition (if so, better try to sell your records first at a record store, you will get some probably more money).

Sell video games between €5 and €10. Some rare or expensive games may sell for higher prices, but $10 is usually the limit.

  • Check that your magazines are not expensive, especially if they are old. A price between 0.5 and 1 € will be appropriate.

Pricing clothes and shoes

Sell baby clothes for between €1 and €3. People won’t want to pay more for used baby clothes, since they are usually inexpensive. To sell as well as possible, make sure that the clothes are freshly washed and well presented . If it’s a branded garment (and the tag is still visible), you can increase the price a bit.

  • Si vous souhaitez vendre des vêtements ayant été beaucoup portés ou bien qui sont tachés, fixez un prix compris entre 0,25 € et 0,5 €, juste pour vous en débarrasser.
  • Si vous vendez une grande quantité de vêtements de bébés, vous pouvez faire des lots. Faites des sacs à environ 5 €.

Sell the adult clothes between 3€ and 5€. Shirts, pants, and dresses shouldn’t be priced higher than that, unless it’s a major brand. You will certainly sell better if you only present the least old and least damaged clothes. Better that customers don’t have to rummage too much to find something interesting.

Vendez les chaussures entre 5 € et 7 €. Veillez à bien les cirer avant de les proposer à la vente pour minimiser les traces d’usure. Si vous possédez une paire de chaussures de marque très peu portées, vous pouvez les vendre quelques euros de plus.

  • Old tennis should be sold for less. You may even consider giving them away.
  • Arrange the pairs of shoes neatly rather than throwing them all in a box.

Sell the coats between €10 and €15. Have the coats cleaned and put them on hangers. Coats that look 15 years old will certainly sell for less, but name-brand coats that have seen little wear can certainly fetch a bit more.

Price furniture

Sell the lower quality furniture for between $10 and $30. Furniture that is badly worn and scratched or made of non-durable materials has to be cheap if you want it to disappear from your garage. With these prices you will be able to interest students who need to furnish their room on the cheap .

Sell the sturdy furniture for between €50 and €75. Solid wood furniture (chests of drawers, tables, bookcases or small cabinets) will probably be the most expensive items you will sell. The rule of thumb is to sell them for about a third of their starting price. A €300 table in good condition can easily be sold for €100. You can always lower the price later if necessary.

Sell rare antiques for €100 and more. If you own something truly unique, like a lamp from a famous designer or a Louis XV armchair, set a high price. The person for whom this object is intended will pay the asking price.

  • When you are unsure of an item’s value, do an online search or have it appraised. Do not sell off your valuables.
  • Put your valuables near your house or in a place you can easily monitor.

Sell the decorative items between €3 and €5. Candlesticks, picture frames, doilies and other decorative items must be the cheapest selling items, with the exception of works of art and rare or high value items.

Give a price to the most varied objects

Sell electrical and computer equipment for a maximum of €20. Even if your blender cost you $100 when it was new, you’ll have a hard time getting rid of it for more than $20. Small household appliances are easily found at bargain prices on the Internet, so you must also lower your prices if you want to interest customers.

Sell your kitchen utensils between €1 and €3. This applies to porcelain as well as baking dishes and all other kitchen utensils. You must ensure that they are perfectly clean before offering them for sale.

Sell the toys for between €1 and €3. Provide a box with free toys of the least valuable, so that children accompanying their parents can take something home. This may encourage their parents to buy you something!


  • Give what’s left. If you haven’t sold everything, but you really want to get rid of your stuff, donate what’s left to charity or a household. Sometimes you can even get a tax reduction.
  • Do not hesitate to advertise. If no one comes to your garage sale, you’re not likely to sell much. So put up posters in neighborhood and local newspapers and try yard sale sites on the Internet.
  • Arrange the objects so that they are clearly visible. On the day of the sale, make sure all the items you offer for sale are clearly visible and organized, so it’s easy to find each item.
  • Expect haggling. When we think of a garage sale, we think “cheap”. So don’t be surprised or too disappointed if you have to part with a table for €60 rather than €125. It’s still 60 € more and one bulky object less!
  • The prices are indicative and will be determined according to your region, your country and your audience.


  • Refer to local laws if you want to sell food.
  • Be careful not to sell items recalled by the brand or the manufacturer. Check online, especially if you sell toys, childcare equipment or electrical and electronic devices.

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